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NAVIGATION Hello, and welcome! Your super friendly GM here to discuss all things about this campaign and world as coherently as possible (I’m sorry if I fail).

If you’re looking to join this crazy world and campaign, then the best place to look through is here! Your first stop should be the house rules as it would let you know how things work and what kind of things you can and cannot do. After that, feel free to take a look at all the pretty references I’ve made over on the left there to learn more about the Formene and things.

Also, if you are thinking of joining, if you could send a message my way to let me know that would be great! Email/messaging is the best way for me to notice something that I should be noticing but sometimes forget to notice because I’m forgetful.

This campaign will be using a lot of the Pathfinder rules for the classes and whatnot, and the rest will be of this own world as well as a few twists and tweaks made on the classes such as:

• Magic is an important aspect of the world as it helps sustain the land and the people. However, magic comes with a hefty price which is your life force – making you a source, or catalyst, of magic. More on that at Magic Rules.

• There are nine gods, but only six bother with the mortals and at least three of them like to live among them – either disguised or revealing their true selves. More over at Gods.

• I’m not that crazy or strict on which rulebooks are or aren’t included in this campaign when it comes to creating characters, but for the most part let’s just say if it’s in the Pathfinder PRD then I’m cool with it as long as there aren’t any conflicts and whatnot. More on creating character over at Character Creation.

I’m a pretty open person to a lot of things, so there won’t be that many restrictions. However, I have had some issues with Evil aligned characters in campaigns and things usually ended pretty badly. Just so that another bad ending doesn’t happen again, I would prefer it if there would be no Evil aligned characters, please and thank you.
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Main Page

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